Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Science Showdown- Galactus vs. Galactose

Our first contender is Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. He has a herald, the Silver Surfer, who has a semi-sentient surfboard. Galactus has a big helmet and a bad attitude, and an appetite that is only sated by eating planets.

For our second contender, we have Galactose, C6H12O6. And while I struggle to come up with a witty statement about this type of sugar, it is really hard to do so. It does has a herald of some sort, The Silver Spoon. Given that the Galactose is found in dairy products, this special spoon has been endowed with unique properties to deliver Galactose to other places. 

One is a molecule the other is a monster. Who will win?

While the world eating cosmic entity seems to be the obvious victor, I argue that this is not the case and that Galactus would crumble and the hydrogen bonds of Galactose. It all comes down to diet. Galactus eats worlds, which are not that high in carbohydrates and also lack the vastness of simple dairy sugars that we mere mortals encounter. Therefore, Galactus would lack, unlike us, the enzyme lactase which would break down lactose and other similar compounds like Galactose. It could be possible that Galactus  may even have galactosemia, stemming from his seeming lack of enzyme. But let's be clear, Galactus is not lactose intolerant, he is simply Galactose intolerant, for galactosidase is the needed enzyme. Whether the lack of Galactosidase can allow Galactose to cause Galacti-cide is we don't know. But take that ultimate nullifier.

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