Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your Savage Cabbage Leaves

Last weekend was the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival. I love sauerkraut, but dedicating a festival to the what amounts to rotting cabbage that, by some fluke of nature and macrobiotics, tastes good is just one of those things that is just special. 

Although I believe the advent of isn't like my imaginings, here is how I picture town elders deciding how to put together a Sauerkraut Festival.

Town Elder A: "We have a might harvest of cabbage this year."

Town Elder B: "That we do."

Town Elder A: "We should have a 'Harvest Festival' to celebrate God's bounty."

Town Elder B: "But we are in Oregon and you know we won't get our act together for a harvest festival in time. All our cabbages will rot and ferment."

Town Elder A: "Perhaps that is our solution, we shall celebrate our laziness and fermented cabbage."

Town Elder B: Will you do the planning?

Of note is the book, Sauerkraut's Incredible Fascinations.  I am not certain if this refers to a certain type of sauerkraut that has gained sentience and now has set its limited intelligence on being intrigued with the world or whether sauerkraut is just a fascinating object.

But who cares. There was a giant, goddamned trout. Seriously, big ass trout! That was enough to make the Sauerkraut Festival cool.

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