Sunday, September 5, 2010

Posters of the Past...

A number of years ago, I tried my hand at booking and promoting shows. Safe to say, it wasn't the most successful venture, only three to my name. But here is one of the one of the old posters for some K Records musicians that played back in 2000.

Back then, The Microphones was fairly unknown (awkward English phrasing, I know) and Mirah was also pretty obscure outside of northwest circles.

Of course, being in a town like Ashland, promoting a show is like pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers. Never fun, nor easy. Needless to say, this little poster I made was one of the few pieces of evidence that I know these bands back in the day. The Microphones now go by Mount Eerie, Mirah is an indie darling, and Calvin is still Calvin singing in his glorious baritone.
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