Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Was He On in 1995?

Well, that last post was way to damned serious, so welcome to the world of incredibly embarrassing drug-induced artwork from my high school years. These hung on my bed room wall as if they were trophies of...of...well, I don't exactly know what the hell I was thinking.

I do recall referring to my bedroom wall as the "Wall of Strange" and I tacked up every odd little memento concert ticket, polaroid taken while stoned, unintelligible scribbled piece of poetry, and miscellany, and whatever up there for my stoner days of high school.

Of course, I had a severe lack of creativity and an inability to really draw. So I was reduced to these odd scribbles. Obsessions with lava lamps, magic mushrooms, atomic bombs, and a strange figured that went by the name of "Happy" all dominated my scribbles. 

I like to think I have better taste now. However, I realize that my taste hasn't changed that much; I just outgrew using drugs and the general nonsensical nature behind all of that stuff. 

If anything, this may have been the progenitor of the Wonderful World of Clutter...Strange scribbles on the bedroom wall while up way to late at night. At least I am no longer drawing aliens holding flowers with magic mushrooms floating above their heads.
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