Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Squab: The Tastier Flying Rat

Old government pamphlets amaze me for their dedication to boring and archaic topics. For example, the lost art of squab husbandry. While a select few foodies might pine for pigeon on a menu at some fancy French restaurant menu, finding squab anywhere raised commercially is pretty much a lost cause...probably because they were bored to death after reading this educational missive.

People, more than likely, tired of the ever present rat-with-wings-that-wasn't-a-bat found in every city. They spread disease, poop on your car and on the occasional rock band, and they take over your parks and city streets like that one Hitchcock movie, Jaws.

However, I found the damned thing amusing. And so, just to preserve the proud tradition of raising pigeons to take to market. So here, everything you wanted to know about squab but were afraid to ask.

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