Thursday, September 2, 2010


This post is in honor of a dear friend who will be getting married this weekend. You see, when you gather a bunch of art and history nerds together in one place for a bachelor party, it is highly unlikely that a great deal of debauchery will occur. However, creative explosions of random oddness do happen.

Since our mild-mannered temperament pretty much forbids our geeky group from hiring strippers, we did the next best thing...we drew pictures of boobs for Mr. Soden.

Hopefully he will have enough of a sense of humor to allow me to post these. I did tell him they would be blog fodder.

There are a numerous variations of breasts depicted. Abstract scribbles, realistic, minimalist, squid. Okay, so the squid-angel-microphone-boob-thing was mine. I can't really draw so that is the best they get.

So as a congratulatory send off to Khris and Heather, I must quote Portland's greatest mayor ever, Bud Clark, and wish you both "Tits Up!"

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  1. I'm so glad my friends are all art nerds and history nerds!

  2. Hey, we could be gaming nerds...

    Or LARPers...