Friday, September 3, 2010

Yard Saling: "The Strangest Secret"

When Earl Nightingale offers you the "Strangest of Secrets," well you either call him a pervert or you shell out money and see what he has to offer. And, while I didn't shell out money, I didn't exactly have the chance to call him a pervert either.

Instead, while meandering through a yard sale at what might be the second most creepy house in Portland, I came across a large stack of records by Mr. Nightingale, preaching the virtues of his mantras to success.

The records did seem tempting to purchase. However, the woman running the sale, a hoarder of magnificent proportions, was asking ridiculous amounts of money for something I wouldn't pay more than a quarter for.

Well, isn't that kind of Mr. Nightingales' secret? No, not really

But if I could retire at 35 and survive off of $35,000 life would be great. But let's be practical here. Mid-nineteenth century incomes aren't going to cut it in the twenty-first century 

But there are always other options available. Check out some of these other wonderful titles offered on ever lovely vinyl.
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