Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Catch a Fish

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If you make it to the Deschutes River at certain times of the year, you are likely to see a number of rafters floating the river and fly anglers fishing the banks.

But further along the river, somewhat further out from Maupin, you may happen upon members of the Warm Springs Tribe fishing for salmon the traditional way on wooden planks built into the rapids of this river.

The image is a bit difficult to make out, but the man on the plan is using a long pole and net to dip for salmon. By no means an easy feat to accomplish even in calm waters. 

The fisherman support their local economy and keep tradition alive. Watching their movements, the arching arms and sways of the back as they hoist and dip, is amazing and tiring. This isn't the typical sit with a six-pack and get away trip fishing for a lot of people entails.

Every once in a while, I happen across pictures of Celilio Falls, the great fishing grounds now lost to damns wonder what it must have been like to see the planks rigged and the men working all day for their catch.

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