Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to the Land of Frustration

Today I present the easiest road map for a man to understand, the arduous yet short trip down the road to sexual frustration. Why is this path so easy to understand? Well, every path you choose leads directly to yourself. It's kind of like a mirror to the soul, but with less introspection and more woeful masturbation.

Fear of inadequacy? Straight path to you and your sexual frustration. Deep seated emotional conflicts; Another direct express way to you. We could go on ad infinitum until your inner being and all self confidence is chiseled away the you grind your teeth at night in anguish reduces your mouth is reduced to soft pulpy masses. Ahem...You see if you get lost on this path, all the arrows point directly to the direction of your problems and the direction to where you will turn your sexual frustrations...yourself.

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