Saturday, May 29, 2010

Repeating Images...The Mt. St. Helens Fountain in St. Helens

Have you ever looked at a picture with a picture of itself embedded into it? And inside that embedded picture there is another picture of the same picture...repeating ad infinitum.

Well, if you visit the town of St. Helens, Oregon, you can have your own metaphysical, meta-textual experience as you stand looking at the fountain of St. Helens, in the Town of St. Helens, which is in the shadow of the actual Mt. St. Helens.

I often wonder, how many people have decided to drop a bottle of dish soap into this fountain to recreate their own pyroclastic flow in this public piece of art. Personally, I would love to make the forty minute drive just to do it. But here, the rushing water keeps our local small scale volcano active on a much more peaceful scale. The rushing water often lulling people to sleep at night. 

As for the kids in the final photo, I believe they are stealing money from the fountain. I hung out just long enough to take these pictures. And these boys were quite enamored with Mt. St. Helens Fountain. Probably just as much as I was, but I believe these malcontents had nefarious intentions.

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