Monday, May 17, 2010

Pyramid Schemas...

Continuing with the recent theme of sexual education posts, I present the following illustration for The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex. I believe the original publication of this text book was around the mid-thirties, and the various illustrations are true highlights of medical artwork.

The following is one of the more creative pictures illustrating how both partners should, um...blossom (?) at the same time in during coitus. The sad, wilted flowers are the result of the hasty gentleman.

Try as I might, nothing humorous can really be stated about the illustration. The simplicity of the diagram illustrates the concept pretty clearly and without too much outward awkwardness and overt sexual language. It could be a schema outlining how to be successful as a banker, lawyer, parent, or any feat that requires skill and timing with other parties. Or a person can use the illustration to present the rising and falling action of a narrative. And isn't that what sex really is? A really strange story of making things...come together.

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  1. That may have been the last year that any educator anywhere ever felt comfortable addressing that diagram.

  2. I have to agree with you. There could be worse ways to visually portray the concept, for example, the thrown out Ways to Properly Gratify Your Partner in Time Without Personal Embarrassment Möbius Strip.