Monday, May 24, 2010

How the Male Brain Works...

While this illustration is supposed to present the mechanics of stimulation versus the mechanics of impotence, I think it pretty much summarizes how the male brain operates. As a male, I can attest to the scientific validity of this schematic; for it is true--the male brain is connected directly to the penis via the spinal cord.

This would explain why men lack many levels of higher cognition and how the nature of "The Beer Goggles" effect.

It is also vital to know that inside the virile male body, there are actual lightening bolts that change the penis to be erect. This is referred to as the "Frankenweiner Stimulation Factor" and it is generated from the base of the spine through the prostate to the male external genitals. So if you ever wondered where the phrase, "Something sparked between us..."came from, look no further.
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