Thursday, May 13, 2010

Manuals Education: Facts Aren't Enough

A few months ago, I happened across four strangely titled pamphlets while I was examining the wares at a antique shop in Missoula, Montana. I figured by the title of the book I had come across a pleasant little Christian handbook of some sort, one that has pictures of happy white families and drawings of nuclear holocausts. But I was surprised to find a stack of early sixties era sexual education manuals. 

The text doesn't really need much explanation. In fact, almost all of the booklets are pure comedy gold. It is unfortunate that the authors didn't intend the works to be so.

Click on the images to enlarge the text for your reading enjoyment. Of note, the section on scribbles on the bathroom wall, taking care of pets, and finding sex objects in the child's possession provides much amusement. However funny these books may seem and despite their archaic portrayal of gender roles, it is probably more accurate and progressive than the education manuals that are out there today. That would probably be because the authors of the manuals were the AMA and not a text book company subject to the whims of Texan school boards.

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