Friday, May 7, 2010

How Children's Television Ruined My Life...

I may be prone to hyperbole at times, but I often hate it when I am doubted. And for years, I had the seeds of doubt sprouting and taking firm roots in my psyche as I tried to recall the specifics and title of a television show I remember watching on public television as a child.

I couldn't tell you much about it except there were large animals, a weird frog, an owl in a tree, and some pink hippo/pig like beast. It scared the hell out of me, much like Mr. Roger's trolley rings an ominous tone as it pulls into a the tunnel before entering the land of make believe.

Anyway, it took decades before I realized it was the New Zoo Revue...and that this wasn't a fever dream or other figment of a drugged up childhood imagination. 

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