Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The caption of this illustration pretty much states it all: "Why Man Has Nocturnal Losses of Semen."

And as much as I want to make a joke about semen right now, I figure it would leave a bad taste my dear readers' mouths. 

But if that wasn't titillating enough for you, here is a "Picture Story of Various Causes for Sexual Excitation and Erection."

So what have we learned? Well, exciting food and drugs can do marvelous things for you and ruin your bed sheets, for better or worse. And despite convention, a brain is required for a man's sex parts to work. And probably, more importantly, a spine. Gotta have a spine for a number of reasons. 

Other lessons, the late Jazz age, pre-WWII hair styles are pretty attractive. And don't forget that fur collars are parts of exciting and alluring dreams.
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