Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Quiz: Superpowers Beyond Your Imagination

The Quiz is one of those types of creations that can only come from the mind of Grant Morisson. As a member of the Brotherhood of Dada, The Quiz was responsible being part of the team that led to the city of Paris being sucked into a painting.

While odd in appearance, The Quiz is potentially the most powerful metahuman in existence. For this woman in a strange suit is able to manifest any superpower...that you have never thought of. Therefore, in order to defeat the quiz, one must think of every superpower imaginable and to defeat this villain's nefarious plans. Or you can cut open The Quiz's hermetically sealed suit that keeps here completely dirt free given she has a fear of dirt.

But this gets me thinking about a bunch of stuff. She obviously can't weld dogs to individuals or have her arms fall off so she use her detached arms to beat people since someone came up with these two marvelously strange superhuman feats. This happens to be a good thing, for if you encounter the Quiz, her arsenal is now limited by two powers. So let's come up with some new things to take away from her arsenal.  Basically if you think of a power she will never have it.

  • Were-Starfish power: The power to turn into a starfish during the full moon. Unfortunately this power is kind of useless because you end up stuck to a wall, but you can re-grow legs if they are cut off. Just takes a lot of time. (A friend of mine named Jake came up with this)
  • 3-D&D Vision: She can conjure monsters from the Dungeons and Dragons Source Books by blinking.
  • Cold-Activated Heat Projectiles: The ability to throw fireballs, but only at sub-zero temperatures. 
  • Morton Downy Jr. Breath: The ability to spray the toxic carcinogenic fumes of the late talk show host.
Of course there could be a ton more...If you just imagine.

But with these four made-up give us an edge. Use this knowledge wisely.

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