Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Monkey isn't Evil but this who thing who Who's Who Entry is kind of Weird...

Angel and the Ape...Hmmm, where to begin. Well, this profile page is kind of odd and I guess and the art definitely could use some deconstruction which will be provided a little further in this post.
Angel O'Dare and Sam Simeon first appeared in DC Comic's Showcase which was a comic book known for launching new characters into the print world. Some of these characters developed a legacy, some faded into obscurity. As part of a light-hearted humor comic, Angel was a private investigator and Sam Simeon an exile from Gorilla City. For the ridiculous trivia buffs, i.e. continuity nerds, Angel is also the sister of the comic book hero Dumb Bunny, super-strong, super-attractive, extremely stupid member of the Inferior Five.

Anyway, so these two have become partners and they both work cases in which super-heroes are their primary clients.  The characters have been re-booted a few times and make cameos here and there. The last appearance that I know of was during a group shot in Infinite Crisis. They don't do anything in this comic... they stand with a bunch of other heroes in a group shot. The title was re-launched in the Vertigo realm with more adult themes and considerably less camp.

So let's play pick about the art...
First there is the blatant Marvel jab with Wolverine's limp arm dangling into the picture. Then there is the oddly high body count for a DC hero that hasn't been labeled under the "Grim & Gritty" monicker, a la Lobo, Hitman, Azrael or others popular during this dark age of comics. And then there is the other 500 pound gorilla in the room with a topless Angel posing Sam as he sketches her.

Given that Sam Simeon is a comic book artist in the story, it wouldn't be unlikely that he was a real artist as well and would like to sketch the human or ape form. However, so when he is sketching the woman he has known since she was a pre-teen as she stands practically nude after killing a number of people, it kind of reeks of icky. They could have some weird inter-species love affair that goes beyond the realms of normal decency. But hey what do I know.

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