Sunday, September 27, 2009

Old Postcard...

Postcards are a strange entity. And perhaps the postcard something that might entirely disappear since people don't seem to use the postal system anymore except to occasionally mail "unknown white powders" to senators and television personalities they do not like. Of course you can't really do that with a postcard which probably add to its ephemeral qualities.

This particular postcard was mailed to me by my Grandmother when I was in kindergarten. When I was little, I wanted a pet skunk. At the time, I had heard that if their scent glands were removed, skunks made great pets. Of course, I seemed to be the only one to think this was a great idea.

And so this postcard hung on my wall for the next fifteen years.


Well enough of this sentimental bullshit, next week, more evil monkeys, more weird diseases, better posts about sex cults, and stick figure comics.

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