Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sometimes we call it Greshame...

Well, actually I don't think any one has ever really bothered to add an "e" to the end of Gresham and really tie our true feelings about the town together into a more precise name, but hey maybe I can start a trend.

My museum expedition has come to a close for the summer and I figure I should leave you with a striking image from my ventures.

This uncredited wall mural is from what I can tell, an image of Michael Jackson playing piano in front of a full moon before turning into a werewolf, zombie, or just plain dead. And while there have been plenty of tributes to the King of Pop as of late, we do need to remember, he was this country's number one weirdo for a long time. Well, at least the number one weirdo who hadn't been involved with murder, cannibalism, or politics.

Of course, this mural may not be of MJ at all. And perhaps the proximity of his death and my trip to Greshame made me make needless associations. Perhaps in Greshame there is a small but prominent population of pianists with jeri-curls and sculpted jaw lines. 
Or perhaps, Greshame is just a place where bad art collects like stretch pants seem to collect on the morbidly obese--bunched up in all of the wrong areas.

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  1. That was done by a bunch of students for a summer work program back in the 80's. Bashing people for yourself to feel better should be saved for your private journal not the internet!

  2. Dear Anonymous Reader,

    Thank you for your comment. I did not intend to bash the work of summer students. I merely wanted to point out how this mural resembled the fallen King of Pop and how it fit with a large stereotypical view of Gresham.Mural artwork is a lost form. In most cities murals have been replaced by commercial artwork. So consider yourself lucky that this pianist graces the side of a building.

    I find joys in visiting downtown Gresham. Why? Because people don't believe there is a downtown Gresham. For example, I spent an afternoon at the Gresham Historical Society and have invested time to learn the history of this city outside of Portland. Did you know, that the original name of Gresham was "Campground?" Most Oregonians, and I would say Greshamites don't even know that.

    Gresham even has the original Meier and Franks clock which kept time in the main department store in downtown Portland. Some might argue that this piece deserves to be in the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, yet it doesn't. It resides there, in the old Carnegie Melon Library that houses the small museum that chronicles your town's history. Assuming you still live in Gresham…or just have a high level of Gresham pride.

    Alas, I don't have a private internet journal. Instead, The Wonderful World of Clutter is public venture open to the views and opinions of everyone.