Friday, September 18, 2009

Know Your Villains: Starro!

Earth is most certainly doomed when Starro appears. As one of the DC Universe's most iconic villains, this menacing starfish, is well menacing. 

But let's think about evil echinoderm. Starfish don't have brains, that isn't to say they don't have nervous systems, otherwise they would be fancy rocks. They have a nerve plexus and a ton of legs that really aren't the five points we see and thing of as legs. They also have a gnarly stomach. In fact the starfish is practically all stomach. A starfish eats by ejecting their stomach out of their bodies and digesting their meals outside in. Kind of icky...Kind of menacing. Right?

Now imagine you are one of the Greatest Heroes on the Planet. Now imagine having some brainless thing stuck to your face trying to poke its stomach into your nasal cavity? You would totally be crying to Superman right now, screaming "ARRRFHHAHDHH, GET IT OFF...GET IT OFF...GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFFF." I don't care how tough you think you are. 

Of course, Starro looks simple and silly. But that is what a giant space traveling spineless, brainless, stomach monster wants you to think. Or, it could be like the following...

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  1. I love Starro! Upcoming REBELS annual is a big Starro story.