Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting to know your Transvestite Super-Powered Sentient Steets

Yep, you heard that right. Ah, weren't the 90s great for wacky ideas with comics? They were kind of like the 60s except with more blood, g-strings, and considerably fewer giant props. Anyway, drawing off of the 60s era of comics we have the ever lovable Doom Patrol. Well, sort of...

Gone is Mento. Negative-Man has gone through some odd transgender fusion with his radioactive being, a strange ape-faced little girl has joined the team, and well Robot-Man is the only one that kind of looks like his old self. Thank you Mr. Morrison. But perhaps out of all of the strange characters added into this realm of freaks and outcasts that were cooler than the considerably more wimpy and emo X-men (there I said it, the X-men suck), is Danny the Street.

And as the title of this post states, Danny is a sentient street.

Danny is also a transvestite sentient street. 
Imagine if the Castro District could talk to you by re-arranging the words on any hanging from any window, marquee, or street post...Danny is kind of like that. Also Danny can teleport to any other city in the world and beyond because he likes to travel. In fact, Danny loves to travel and loves to pick up the odd and outcast of the world who all live in the hotels and hostels of this pleasant all-knowing avenue.

Kind of cool. Kind of weird. Kind of the most awesome concept in comics since ummmmm...giant props. Makes you wonder what types of drugs Grant Morrison has access to. Also makes you k ind of want to travel.

The loose-leaf Who's Who is just filled with lots of gems like this. Back before Vertigo was a separate imprint and the more "arty" characters such as Sandman and Swampthing could appear with Superman and Batman. Personally, I love the art in this profile. And I really want to get a Robotman Doll. Cliff Steele never looked cuter. 
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