Monday, May 25, 2009

Things people put in their hair...

Well, sometimes even I am at a loss for words...
However, it doesn't seem to stop me.

I just imagine some intrepid young stylist somewhere thinking, "You know what will make this hair coloring stay in place much longer than normal? The nurturing afterbirth of some young animal!"

Science is a wonderful thing. The process of trial and error, trial and error, trial and error, ad infinitum. But sometimes the end results puzzle me. The above product puzzles me a bit. Maybe if it wasn't named Henna and Placenta I wouldn't be quite as perplexed. This just makes me think that this was marketing joke and mistake. People like rhyme schemes, it helps them remember; however, maybe...well, hell, I can't even figure out what the hell people were thinking when they put this on the shelf.

The placenta in itself is not a gross thing. In fact none of us mammals would be around without it. It is no more gross than a penis, vagina. Maybe many people just don't know what the placenta is or where it comes from. Or maybe people love putting afterbirth in their hair.

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