Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carded...Posted...Oh Deer...

For some reason, I have these in my my pile of stuff.

Not exactly certain where these came from. It may have been from a mailing from a friend when I was working on collage projects or I might have grabbed them from an antique shop in Upstate New York.
If I had picked them up in New York, it must have been years ago with the intention to mail them to a British woman I was working with that summer whom I had become quite infatuated with...but that was years ago. In the end, I never got her address, never quite figured what to write, and figured that an ocean plus a continent plus her being seven years older than me meant she really would forget about me after a few months anyway.


These old post cards were never mailed...

Is this a sad story? Maybe just mildly pathetic.

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