Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Body is a Marvelous Plastic Machine: Part Sequel

For the second lesson of Medicine for Times of Economic Collapse, I want to continue on the brief and broad sweeping overview of the gross human body.

Last time we covered the parts of the body used for the eating of food things and getting rid of them, and those parts for thinking, and those other parts used for breathing.
Now we cover the most important organ of them all, other than the one used for thinking. The one used for love and pumping: the Heart.

This, to the contrary is not your heart, but is the heart of a swine. No, not that ex-boyfriend/boss/mouth-breathing-weird looks bar. These are from the animal that make the most important food known to humanity...bacon. Which has the hazard of stopping the heart, but all blessings have their ouchie parts.

The next image is of your kidneys. These are bean-like shaped organs for which the legume is named. They filter stuff, make pee, and keep your electrolytes in check. Pretty cool. They are kind of like the aquarium filter of your body like your liver, but different. 

And when you stick all of the stuff together and put into one big shell of a goes into this thing.

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