Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An open Letter to Mr. Geoff Johns

Dear Mr. Johns,
Thank you so much for writing some of my absolute favorite comic books of all time. I am a big fan of the Justice Society of America and of your work on the Flash.
I am eagerly awaiting the start of Blackest Night in the Green Lantern books and I had what I though would be a million dollar idea that only you would appreciate. So please take a minute, grab a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon (blue for Hope, right?) and hear me out.
So you have established that a war of light is going to occur. But where does that leave our color-themed villains that we all love and grew up with?
You know who I am talking about, geniuses of menace such as:

Rainbow Raider

Doctor Spectro

Crazy Quilt


Well, Chroma had some other god-complex issues and technically was killed by Gog 2, Superman villain from the future who was a kid who survived Kansas being destroyed (no not the years of crappy albums, the state) when Imperiex drones tried to concur the planet), not the Gog 1 of Earth 22 Anti-Hero who made Superman realize he was kind of a wash-up and not "proactive" enough for today's villains; while Gog 3, Lance-Corporal-Something-Something-Great-Great Grandson of George Washington (not a son of slaves)-And some-how also a Roosevelt...

Oh and he claimed to be a god of not only color but Music...Kind of Rad!!! but only kind of.

Train-wreck of a sentence up there...wouldn't you agree?

So yes, Dr. Spectro is Dead. Rainbow Raider is Dead (And replaced by a team of Rainbow Raiders...a whole team needs to replace just one villain!)

As for Crazy Quilt, everyone made fun of him...Even villains like Monocle. Ouch.
The original one hasn't been seen for a while but a new woman has been dancing around in the Crazy Quilt role. But she recently had her butt handed to her by the Secret Six.

So here is the the pitch:

War of light...
Every hero is tied up. Villains are taking advantage of what is going on. But the Original Crazy Quilt notices his powers are in flux, just like all the rainbow rings out there. And his color-commies are coming back. First Chroma is resurrected via a Black Lantern Ring, then Spectro, then the Rainbow Raider. Since they all have color based powers, and all are in touch with the emotional spectrum, and music (and we all know how much some villains always hated music). These newly resurrected villains aren't fighting for the side of good, nor are they simple instruments of villainy as mapped out in the many issues of Blackest Night. 

They are unknown agents fighting...for something.

But as of right now, they are kind of zombies, but more than normal zombies because they have emotions...and colors. And that is really the problem with zombies today. Very little color.

Crazy Quilt calls is his female replacement for help, and also the Team of Rainbow Raiders. They need to figure out what is going on with the Original Rainbow, Spectro and Chroma.

And they attract the attention of two unlikely heroes. Donna Troy, who for some reason is back to being a Darkstar and G'nort who is no longer a Green Lantern, no longer a Darkstar, but has become a Yellow Lantern because every other lantern is ghastly if not morbidly afraid of what a pain in the ass he might be if they must share sectors.

With Darkstar Donna and G'nort on teamed with the Crazy Quilts and Rainbow Raiders, they begin to explore the mysteries of the emotional spectrum and try to take their fellow fallen villains to the center of all concerns. The Black Lantern.

When I think about this book...I think Neon...Crayola...Airbrush...Acid Washed Jeans...

All of those glorious things that we don't want to remember loving but love....Love a lot.

So Mr. Johns, please consider this.

Thank you,


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