Thursday, May 28, 2009

A series of bad ideas...

This evening, I have nothing really important to say.
So I present two lists...a list of the comic books I will be reading tonight and a list of the songs I have had stuck in my head.

Today's reading list includes the following comic books:

Tiny Titans: Welcome to the Treehouse
Justice Society of America #27
Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? One Shot
Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1
Trinity #52
Green Lantern #41
Justice League of America #33
The Last Days of Animal Man #1

Songs stuck in my head include the following:

"Sweetpea" by Tommy Roe
"Little Willy" by Sweet
The jingle for Meow Mix
"Epic Problem" by Fugazi
"Blue Moon" by The Marcels
"Take a Chance on Me" by Abba
"Hooked on a Feeling" by BJ Thomas

That is about all I have to say...

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