Monday, June 28, 2010

Yard Saling...Odds and WTFrank?

After hearing about the freed plastic horses of Portland, I decided to take one final look around this small yard sale's goods and take a few pictures. Surprisingly, there were a number of interesting objects and knick-knacks.

The hippie's doll collection was quite interesting, though she kept referring to them as her babies and how it broke her heart to sell her babies. This of course added to the humor of selling liberated horses...but I digress. 

She also had a number of nice baskets. Some appeared to be hand-woven; others were manufactured. 

And then there were more dolls.

And then as I moved a few items around, there was this...ummmm...wooden object. A wooden phallus--purpose unknown.  

I managed not to laugh, but I should have asked what it was. Instead, I shall leave it up to people's imagination and retell a story from my mother.

Last weekend she too went off to an estate sale in her neighborhood. My father ventured to the basement to see what was available and she went to see what was upstairs in the house. The first room she entered was filled with gay porn. As she described it, "There were penises everywhere. pointing this way and that, up and down, and men in all sorts of positions. But all of the porno magazines were neatly arranged so you could see everything clearly." She decided to leave the room and venture into the next where one of the estate sale employees was working. The room happened to be free of gay erotic photography, but was filled with holiday ornaments. While my mother is exceptionally open minded individual, the shock of walking into a room filled with gay porn was a bit much and she needed to express as much.
"Wow," she stated out loud to the estate sale worker, "That is a lot of Christmas."
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