Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Metamorphosis

This morning my blog woke up and turned into a giant cockroach...wait, dammit Gregor, get away from the keyboard. Okay, so the Wonderful World of Clutter went through a slight change of window dressing today. Hopefully it makes things a little bit more appealling to the masses and to those who want to fill their lives with ephemera, comic book knowledge, bad puns, and paranoid writings about plots by evil simians.

Of note, I have added the "Wonderful World of Clutter Magic Word Finding Machine." Given the broad scope of topics the WWOC has covered over the past year, I figured people my want to have an easier way to refer back to the history of this chronicle to learn about things like prarie dogs, wontons, Sonic Youth, and/or awkward Superman Moments.

So while there have been changes to The Wonderful World, unlike poor Gregor Samsa, I hope they have not landed this blog on its back with its legs sticking up unable to right itself, terrifying family members due to the strange chirping noises it makes from...

I am not a cockroach DAMNIT!

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