Friday, June 25, 2010

She's Got Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes...And Her Dress is Made of Silver Dollars. What a Bitch!

There are many reasons why I love the state of Nevada, but I think the garish nature of the state's art makes me the proudest. While Las Vegas has a trashy appeal that I will never understand, they also have a Liberace Museum and the World's Largest and Most Valuable Rhinestone. Think about that phrase for a few moments. And then there is Reno, my place of origin...and I thank my folks for moving to the Pacific Northwest and making me a Portlander at nine-months. And then there is Virginia City where you can find the Silver Lady. This painting contains hundreds of silver dollar coins worth many thousands of dollars and a number of gold coins as well.

To add particular charm to this postcard is the image of the owner of the painting and his wife standing in front of this majestic work of art. The gentleman in the tan suit obviously looks like he hates being there, standing mouth gaping, with a get-off-my-lawn demeanor.

More Nevada Postcards to come in the near future. 
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