Sunday, June 20, 2010

Awkward Moments in Super-heroics

The life of a super hero is always challenging. You have to face difficult moral decisions, evil villains who want to kill you and those around you, stop natural disasters, prevent social unrest, and the list could continue ad infinitum. This life is made even more difficult when you are a throw-away character such as Argus. Argus was created in the early nineties during the Bloodlines cross-over in the DC Universe titles. His back-story, and all of the "new blood" characters spawned from this event, were pretty simple--Evil space aliens attacked them and sucked out their spinal fluid to feed their giant "mother-alien", leaving the victims for dead, but also triggering a meta-gene which gave a comicdom select few superhuman powers. Argus got the power of "Argus Vision."

He appears here and there in the Flash books after the events, but mostly has no real role in whatsoever until this tale. Apparently a madman is attacking a fashion show and he has arrived to stop it.

However, his madman is just a kid interested in seeing real-life naked women in real life. And this kid has acquired a special gas-gun that shoots some type of spray that dissolves clothing.


Well, it gets even worse. The kid's mother shows up and protects him from Argus, hiding her own agenda. Apparently the kid's mother is a gun runner of some sort...And very, very evil. Oh and the kid threatens to sue Argus for foiling the plot to disrobe all of the supermodels at the fashion show. 

And of course, to top it all off, Argus was doused in the clothes-dissolving gas which leads to another awkward moment in super-heroics when he has the mandatory exit interview with an ever-present news reporter. 

Now I shall leave you feeling awkward and confused--the same way I felt after reading same comic.
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