Monday, June 7, 2010

Contemporary Education or Pop Psychology Get's Popped

A few years ago I took a psychology class. Psychology as a science can be somewhat dubious in nature, I say this not from a space-alien-worshipping-Scientologist-viewpoint, but one that critiques its standing as a "hard science" as compared to biology, physics, and chemistry. Social sciences are fine and dandy, but they lack a great deal of the empirical evidence and use of scientific method in many of their theories/postulations that would give them valid credence. If anything, it is great observation.

So as an observationist, yes I know that is a made up word, I sat in this class knowing it was a farce. The professor didn't teach but read word for word from the text book in a monotone voice. Needless to say, I found myself extremely bored and agitated. I sat there taking notes from the non-lecture lecture and soon found myself not really writing anything important.

Well, I figure it is best for you to read a sample from two pages of one typical day in class...

Of note is the doodle Sperm Whale, Hula Hoops of Death, and occasional cursive writing. Click on the images to enlarge...

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