Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Rainy Day Activity Fun

With the economy as bad as it is these days, you may not have any sheet metal laying around you home for this particular money making activity because you have probably already taken it all to the scrap yard along with your the brass fixtures from the neighbors' house that mysteriously disappeared last week...but we won't worry about that. But, if you do happen to have sheet metal, you can make sharp, pointy animals out of that metal and then decorate your house with these creations.

If you think that this hobby is too archaic to be hip, try and find some brass, make a seagull out of the sheet of brass by modifying the instructions below, and call it "steampunk." Then you will have a gaggle of goth kids flocking to your home to see your creations. Why a seagull? Well, seagulls are more steampunk than horses because by using steam power, horses will be obsolete. Seagulls however will never be obsolete.

Your brass seagull and your cacti garden will make you the favorite of the DIY kids all over the rainy day nation. The steampunk kids will love you, the horticulturists will love you. In fact everyone will love you for you are an industrious creative soul...making seagulls out of brass because it is raining outside.
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