Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Angels in the Architecture

I have often wondered, "How many pins can you stick into the head of a dancing angel?" But of course, such ponderences are idle wandering, especially when one encounters such fine artwork as presented here.

Nothing says neo-classical, rococo painting like a cherub necking with a woman in heaven. And I mean, nothing.

I didn't bother to look for a date or the name of the painter as a good historian should have. Maybe it was because if you look at the placement of the baby angel's right hand, cradling the woman's head, in relation to the rest his body the angle, this arm must have an abnormally long. Proportions do weird things to perception. That angel's right arm would be as long as its legs and torso combined. That's just weird. Well, that and a baby with wings canoodling with a mature woman is a little off as well.

But enough of that. I want to give you something simple to clear your mind. These were removed from chandeliers and aptly labeled on the box.

Nuff said...
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