Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Saling...Improving Esteem

I went yard saling again a few weekends ago, and of course I brought my camera. My friend who accompanied me wondered why I had my pocket digital camera with me, and I had to tell her simply, "You never know what you might find..." I love yard sales because they are a wonderful way to purge oneself of clutter and to acquire new various and sundry clutter. However, there are some things that should just never be sold off at a yard, garage, or estate sale.

For example, a man should never sell his Esteem. For without Esteem, what is a man? What does it say about you when you've put a post-it note price tag of $50.00 on your own Esteem? Certainly things in life can be hard, and we all need to walk erect at those times, but without a little Esteem, how can you pointedly face those challenges? Knowing someone out there has walked off with your Esteem, you must feel mighty soft inside.

If there is anything that can be said about a man who had to sell his Esteem it might be this--That man is no longer pumped on life. 

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