Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dawn of Boredom

Has it almost been ten years? Years ago, I worked at a camp in Upstate New York. I always thought of the place as a mix between Lord of the Flies and Fame, but that is completely unrelated. You see, years ago, I used to also have really long, thick black hair.

So why is 2001 so important? Well, at said camp, with said long hair, I wore a gorilla outfit, and with my hair pulled over my chin, I decided to re-enact this scene from the film with a live 15 piece kazoo and tympani orchestra. The Dawn of Man was impressive enough that my primordial man impersonation became the back-cover for that year's camp yearbook.

Kind of ridiculous...

So why is this important nearly ten years down the road? Well, to be honest, it has nothing to do with anything. I have been working on PowerPoint presentations and OP manuals most of the week and I wanted to see what I could accomplish with just the rudimentary tools for in the Office suite of software.

ergo...I present The Dawn of Boredom, or, How I Do What I Do on PowerPoint.


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