Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ethical and Most Helpful...

In the past I wrote about some of the marvels of old magazine advertisements, so I thought today would be a good chance to look at some of the various mail-order offers and and instructions available in the backs of periodicals.

I am personally fond of the "World-Famous Health & Medical Texts." The "ethical and helpful" line is what sells me. If I didn't want to talk about "common rectal ailments" with, let's say, a doctor, I could always read something and know that my $4.95 was well spent. Why because the information was ethical.

Of course most readers of this magazine advertisement wouldn't have needed the medical text if they had taken the time to "Learn Yogi." Eh, Booboo, you get that? Who knows, with some recent movie posters that popped up on the internet, perhaps the some ethical medical knowledge will be required. And as a side, if you visit the link and read the posts, you may want to find some way to purge your mind. In other words don't buy the subsequent pamphlet.

Well, this pretty much sums up all of these mail-order periodicals. You could mail away for stag films, and "bizarre books," i.e. pornographic images, or you could be the smoothest of all these characters and learn Swedish Body Massage. 

For ads from a men's magazine featuring sweater girls, and combat tales of soldiers in trenches, it seems like there was a bit of a mixed bag for the target audience. Or, perhaps not.
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