Monday, August 23, 2010

Glorious 99E

99E is probably my favorite highway in Oregon. It just takes you to so many interesting places. Friday, I decided as part of my birthday weekend, I would do a little road excursion and head south.

The first stop on my little trek was the lovely town of Hubbard, Oregon. Hubbard isn't really known for much as far as I can tell. However, it is home to Voget's Smoked Meats. Voget's has the best beef jerky in the entire world and they make damned mean hams. Hams not injected with water or other filler, just damned good meaty goodness.

Hubbard also has a pleasant water tower with a permanent star affixed to its top. 

Besides a few shops, a Mexican restaurant, and a some farm equipment here and there, that is pretty much all that Hubbard has to offer. In fact, if you look at the Wikipedia page for Hubbard, which I have failed to link to, you will find it is spectacularly boring. 

My next stop was Mount Angel. About half-an-hour south of Hubbard, this town is much more interesting. Why? Well, because they had garage sales and yard sales happening on almost every block of this tiny burg. And given my love of things Reno, I had to take this picture. 

Mount Angel is home of a Benedictine Abbey, founded at the early part of the 1900s by German immigrants. Thus the town has a thin Bavarian sheen to it, making it kind of pleasantly pseudo-European, but not really. 

And in Mount Angel, they have weird Sasquatch-like monsters, probably of Germanic heritage. There are more interesting things about this town. Like the massive Catholic Church, the Nunnery for the Benedictine Sisters, who accompany the Benedictine Monks in separate but not quite equal quarters. 

Next post has more German fun. 
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