Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Further Down 99E A Mount of Angels

Further down 99E was my first true destination, Mount Angel. A sleepy German town with a predominantly Catholic population. What drew me to this town? Well, twelve years of Catholic School, seven of which were spent raised by Benedictine Nuns, all of whom trained in this town before going off to the world to do God's work.

And while I am a proud atheist, heathen, agnostic, whateveristic bastard child of I-don't-care-whatchu-think-as-long-as-you-live-well-and-don't-hurt-nobody-type-of-person, I still like to pay my respect to the history of where I came from. Which was never being Catholic. Hell, I am baptized a proud Dutch Reformer, and I have no idea what that means. HA!

So, Mount Angel actually has an Abbey and seminary school for young Catholic men training to become priests. Pretty noble. The grounds of the Monastery are quite peaceful and very beautiful with red brick
buildings everywhere and nicely manicured lawns. The bell tower is by far the most dominant feature of the grounds.

The Sanctuary had the typical Catholic statuary. Virgin Mary holding a child, and given that his was a Benedictine Abbey, St. Benedict, patron of brewers and poison victims.. I have no idea who the saintly
nun is. I figure either St. Gertrude, the Patron of the Benedictine Sisters, or the Nun/Saint that they placed in a vat of beer and was miraculously preserved/pickled. I will find more infomation on this I swear.

Everything is pretty typical for this place. Mount Angel, Catholic Capsule of Calmness.


Wait till the next post. Things get weird

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