Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chef Boyareyoureadyforthis?

I have no idea when or where this object d'art came from, but it showed up at my neighborhood bar recently and, well, it needed to be photographed.
At first it looks like our stereotypical Italian chef is shouting to his brother Luigi... But a change in perspective...

Well, a change in perspective kind of ruins the whole damned thing.

Just so you see how this little magic trick works one more time...

Calling to his brother, "Hey Mario, we're all out of Spaghettio's...What do I do?

"Never mind Mario, we have lots of  Felatios...enough Felatios for the whole family."
And with that, I bid you goodnight.
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  1. I'd thought that maybe you'd found that on one of your yard-sale trips. That dude shows up in my nightmares sometimes.

  2. Nope...I typically only buy religious art, ephemera, and books when I go to yard sales.

    This is something that is beyond tacky even for my tastes.