Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rainy Day Activity Time: Glass Blowing

The rains are back in Portland, so what does a person do? Apparently, a person blows glass. I am not exactly certain what the purpose of this activity really is because given the scale and the amount of space needed, the most glassware a person could ever really create with such as small set-up would be a crack pipe. So if you have ever wanted to make a crack pipe for those long stretches of dreary weather in Oregon, here are your instructions.

From ephemera

Glass blowing is such a popular Northwest activity that there are museums dedicated to glass, such as the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. There was also a great deal of crack in Tacoma as well, so go figure. And pretty much every head shop has some guy that makes glass bongs or has a buddy that makes glass bongs. So yep, I can't make this stuff up. 

Have fun, get a test tube, a blow torch, some metal tongs, and try not to burn yourself or your apartment down.

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