Monday, July 19, 2010


Getting past the first draft is always the biggest challenge. And as I have been looking back at some early writings as of late, there are a slew of old docs, character sketches, notecards, and drafts that never quite got off the ground.

There was the essay about spending 6 weeks in a karaoke bar, examining the culture, the patrons, and the inevitable mental collapse that comes with hearing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" sung 9 times by the same person in the same week--2 drafts then archived. A lost short fiction piece about a science teacher and the doubts he faces when his students accidently set part of an auditorium on fire during a demonstration he was leading--1 draft. The first chapter I wrote for my master's thesis went through 10 revisions before I decided I was ready to submit it to my committee with the other chapters.

And now I present to you this.

Very rarely does the Wonderful World of Clutter get an edit. I guess only when I spot a completely awkward sentence after posting or once I spot a glaring typo will I fix things. That said, when I look back at what I have written here over the past year plus, I realize there must be some completely unreadable dreck out there. And so for that, I apologize the way politicians do. Mistakes were made, I will try to correct them in the future. Someone will be held accountable.

See now all better.

Now that we have all of that emo crap out of the way, I want to tell you what type of posts we have coming up.  There will be religious art, there will be phalluses and fallacies, pamphlets and books, ephemera and more. And then there is the 300th post, which is kind of a milestone, or something.

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