Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Along the Watchtower...

Why welcome you to a religion with flowers, wishes, and thoughts of hope when you can scare them into joining you? I think that is why I love the Watchtower and all of their related publications. In fact I think that most zine writers can learn something from these prolific pamphleteers.

Take for example this simple three column folded hand-out.

You have a catchy title, "Will This World Survive?," and a great science-fiction cover image. A page of text and then images of destruction, revelation (I hate using the term apocalypse as a word of destruction because it simply translates to "revealing"), and then happiness. If anything, it is the greatest propaganda artwork that exists on American soil along with some of the catchiest and kitschiest of pop-art around.

I have no appreciation for the religion prescribed in these texts, but damn do I love their artwork. 
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