Friday, July 16, 2010

Today, I found this amusing...

Well, the Wonderful World of Clutter has been somewhat neglected the last few days. I have returned to the Land of a Thousand Sickly Santas and continue my schooling at the intersection of Dying Dreams and Lost Hope. So it kind of warms my heart when I come across government language that is so simple and strange that it just makes me giggle a bit.

This is taken from the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Board Regulations page. Basically, this is where all of the rules are laid out by the ADA so individuals with disabilities of all form can have access to whatever they want. For example...Miniature Golf Courses.

Yep...kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy thinking about how everyone can have a chance to aim for that tripple windmill shot with the laughing clown.


  1. If you are disabled, you are legally entitled to enjoy a game of miniature golf at least half as much as everyone else.

  2. Actually, in the Homeland Security Act, the federal government mandated that all disabled people who play mini golf are legally obligated to have fun starting at the third hole.

    I think that is why the Tea Party people are so pissed off right now.