Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Well, the one year anniversary of the Wonderful World of Clutter was supposed to be a crowning moment of glory and achievement. But instead I am filled with piss, vinegar, bile, and a certain type of acid that corrodes the corners of the mouth when I spit.

However, there are lessons to be learned, some from the past week, some from the past year's worth of entries.

  • Lesson 1: Never piss off a resourceful minority, especially when he has a handlebar mustache.
  • Lesson 2: Don't imply that I am incapable of critical thinking.
  • Lesson 3: Never question the power of the NAACP.
  • Lesson 4: The Judgement Night Soundtrack is great anger management music, even if it gave birth to the worst genre of music ever conceived.
  • Lesson 5: When in doubt, ask "What Would Lobo Do?"
  • Lesson 6: Dignity is always found on a bronze statue.
  • Lesson 7: Wash, Rinse, Retreat.
  • Lesson 8: Bigots are not the only evil thing out there, for monkeys are always evil.
  • Lesson 9: Hey I joined Twitter...You should add me...there is a link to the side of this page.
  • Lesson 10: Furries are a scary. Nuff said. 
  • Lesson 11: Never overlook the significance of a discarded scrap of paper.
  • Lesson 12: If all else fails there is always taxidermy school.
So in closing this the first year of Wonderful World of Clutter, I feel it best to leave behind some of the vitriol while retaining the fire that keeps me motivated.  Thus I present two of my inspirations in life, Sifl and Olly. And while they sing the praises of Laser Eyes, I will keep my Laser Vision burning. Burning like 103 really hot suns. So there.

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