Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Minimalist Crap: Adventures of the Princess Dye Job

During the late 90s and early 00s was a brief period of time when I fancied myself a musician. This also coincided with the brief period of time that a fancied myself as a comic book illustrator. And, well, as you can see from this example of Minimalist Crap and previous examples, those were highly delusional times.

But every band needs a back story, kind of like every super hero needs an arch nemesis. Thus, I present The Princess Dye Job. In real life we were a four piece that would play incredibly hateful music about really benign subjects. Hating rainy days, hating picking up dog poop, hating carrots (the most evil of all vegetables). But we would also be a power-pop band at the same time. I envisioned the band being the Cutest Hatecore Band on Earth...but not hateful in racist sense. Hell one of our band members was Jewish, I come from Japanese stock, and well not enough people sing about hating rainy days. 

The band itself fell apart after two practices. But it was enough time for this lovely comic strip to be drawn outlining how we were going to save the world through cuteness and doing something of some sort. Yeah, I know, it wasn't really clearly defined. 

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