Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Parallax View

So what makes a good super-hero turn evil?
Readers of the Green Lantern have tried to answer this question for ages. At one time, traumatic shock ensued after the loss of millions of lives when his hometown was destroyed by a an evil alien despot. Some believed his evil was a seed of his innate arrogance. And then a giant yellow alien bug came by and it all made sense to the comic reading public.

Thank you Mr. Johns.

But I really think that crept into the essence of super heroics when they are given bad haircuts. In this case, Hal Jordan has the evilest of all hair styles, the Mullet. Yes, the mullet is cliche, it is really the first hallmark of this character's demise. Of course people will say that the gray hair was a sign of Parallax, but I posit that the mullet drew evil to him. And like most people with bad hair, he has tried to shape the world to his own warped view.

If you are looking for a more contemporary example of bad hair and comic book characters, just consider  Norman Osborn. He has probably the worst hair in all of comics, strange striped ridges that has only occurred once in nature...and he is currently trying to reshape the world in his own warped image.

Be affraid.

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