Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Era When we Cooked with Gelatin...

One thing I can safely say is that I am glad that I did not have to eat food during the 1950s. Why? Well, I present the picture below as a fine example of why this era of fine dining could be considered, well, frightening.

Though admittedly, there is an element of elegance to the table setting and the way everything was arranged. Yes, almost every dish has a garnish. But also every dish is made with gelatin.

I have no problem with gelatin in my deserts. I love Jell-O, Gummy Bears, and many other non-vegan treats made with the boiled bones of downed animals. But do I really need a Molded Avocado Dish formed with mayonnaise and gelatin? Or how about a casserole of ground meat in translucent jelly? I am not entirely certain what is inside the oranges surrounding said Avocado Sculpture of Gloom, but I bet it has gelatin! In fact the flowers providing the table dressing are made from the unpalatable thick skin that forms on the edges of the bowl when you make lime Jell-O.

Julia Child saved America from this type of stuff. We owe her our souls and she should be venerated like  the Virgin Mary.
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