Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's Go Swimming...Wait...WTF?

The Red Cross Water Rescue Manual doesn't leave much to the imagination...Unless you take the pictures completely out of context.

In this instance, one might assume a randy young life guard is going to undo the bikini top of a hapless young co-ed...

Well, we called that one wrong. Looks like this lifeguard has evil on his mind.

Kind of awkward isn't it? Well, speaking of awkward, what happens when a pool side conversation between two grown men becomes something more?

Right now these two gents might be talking about their wives, families, the deals at the cardboard box factory they both work at, and how Harold is a terrible drunk and how the CEO will never take him golfing ever again. Pretty mundane stuff. But of course, one thing always leads to another when a swimming pool is involved.

Inevitably, an exploration in homo-erotic pool-side massage happens.

And this is the reason why you have an Uncle Bruce who really isn't really your uncle.
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