Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Evil Monkey of the Week: Don't Mess with the Baboon

I like to believe we all play this game every once in a while--Who can best who. You know the game, Shark vs. Alligator... Tiger vs. Bear.... Wyvern vs. Griffin... Mormon vs. Jehovah's Witness. All of these games are fun. But rarely do we get to see this display played out perfectly preserved perpetuity through the art of taxidermy.

Here we see the eternal struggle between two of natures most vicious rivals. The cheetah and the baboon. The cheetah, with cat-like, given that it is a cat, instincts has become aware that the baboon is part some evil menacing plot that involves stealing babies. Through the infinite wisdom of the Thundercats, we all know that cheetahs, lions, and pumas are our best friend in the feline hierarchy. And we also know that the cheetah is very go-kart fast.  In this life or death struggle, that is what the cheetah will need.

That is...if these two mounted animals were had not been placed on display at a outdoors' man store in the middle of Lacey, Washington. But life and death struggles can play out forever in taxidermy. Kind of  like watching re-runs of Gilligan's Island without any hope of the Globe Trotters to ever show up to rescue them from that hellish atoll.
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