Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Day at the Circus...

The following self-made comic strip was from an old zine I co-wrote with a two friends while I was in college. The point of the zine was that Ashland, Oregon, was a soulless tourist trap with a college campus, a lot of retirees who complained about noise, and attack swans.

A note about the swans. In 1997 the city of Ashland flooded. The entirety of downtown was deluged when a silver thaw melted the snow pack and the normally foot deep creek that ran through the town turned into a class five series of rapids.  The swans of Ashland had been a emblem and tourist attraction. But during the flood, one had died. 

Whether this is true or not, it is said that swans mate for life together. And now a swan was widowed...And this swan then pulled its feathers out in depressing sadness to die as only the way elegant fowl can: Alone.

Knowing that Ashland without a swan is kind of like is like Idaho without a militia, Texas without a Border fence, or Portland with a classy Olympian, a new mating pair was brought in. Of course no one told the tourists never to try to pet the swans.

You see, swans are really bitchy and mean animals. And they like to bite people. And unlike ducks, swans are big, strong, and likely to knock you down and draw blood when messed with. Personally, I found this funny when tourists were attacked by swans. But Ashlanders more concerned with tourist dollars decided to deport these winged wonders to prevent lawsuits. 

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